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The ‘Kazanskiy business centre’ is situated in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, about 7 minutes’ walk from the underground station ‘Gostiniy Dvor’. The fortunate position of the business centre, combined with access to transport facilities and the possibility of layout changes make this business centre one of the most attractive in the city.

The ‘Kazanskiy business centre’ in St. Petersburg offers spaces to rent. Our business centre is completely adapted for the needs of any business.

To guarantee transport facilities for employees of renting companies, parking spaces in the courtyard of the building are available. Business spaces of varying sizes are available to rent from 17 metres squared up to 1200 metres squared. There are also spaces available suitable for sports training facilities and exhibitions. For major clients the layout and décor of the space can be altered on agreement. We offer short-term and long-term rental agreements. All rental agreements are made without commission and the conditions of the agreement are set exclusively by the two sides, which allows for a better working relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

  • High-speed internet access is made available on the business centre site by the following providers: West Coll, Prometheus, Vimelkom, Telly-2, Science of Connection, Filanko, and continental.
  • There are several facilities available on the site of the business centre; a café, a service lift, 24-hour security, a fire alarm system and fire extinguishing system. There is a 24-hour pass regime in operation to enter the business centre, which requires employees and visitors to have a pass/ ID for security measures.
  • The business centre is open 24-hours, including weekends
  • Included in the rental costs: VAT, technical services and cleaning of spaces of general use in the building.

Extra costs: parking, phone connections and internet.

Telephone: 571-15-29

Mobile telephone: 8-921-572-02-50


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